Estia – Toshiba’s advanced air-to-water heat pump solution – uses patented technologies that take advantage of the renewable energy of it’s surroundings to heat water for space heating and hot water supply. Estia replaces or compliments traditional boilers and can be used to provide heating via underfloor heating, radiators or fan coils.


With it’s best-in-class COP performance, the Estia air-to-water heat pump delivers more heating power with less power consumption. With the Toshiba advanced inverter twin rotary compressor, Estia air-to-water heat pumps deliver the heating capacity required, thus consuming only the necessary power required.


Air-to-water heat pumps have been shown to be extremely energy efficient when compared to all other heat sources (SEAI fuel cost comparison)



GT Phelan does not supply or support Toshiba Estia

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