FDP3 Standard Operation Inputs

When S6 is NOT operating in Local mode the inputs S1 to S5 allow control of the A/C unit operating parameters. The lock status of the input determines if the corresponding remote controller buttons are locked or unlocked.If an input is locked then the remote controller button is locked and the input value on S1 to S5 will always be written to the unit. In the locked mode the input will also override central controller operation. If the input is not locked then the input will operate in a last-touched mode with the remote controller in which updates from the input will only be written when a change occurs. When input S6 is configured in Local mode then the A/C unit operates stand-

alone and inputs S1 to S5 will not affect the operation of the unit. FDP3 Standard Operation Outputs

The FDP3 has two output relays (maximum rating 1A 24VDC, / 30VAC). The relays outputs are configured as follows