The RBC-TSI1 is a versatile interface for Toshiba air conditioning units, offering a wide range of external control facilities. The unit attaches to the TCC-NET A+B network. The interface is network powered and may be used with or without a remote controller being present. Up to eight indoor units may be monitored and controlled as a group by a single RBC-TSI1.
Hardware Interface:
Six analogue control inputs selectable as resistance or 0-10v D.C. Two relay outputs for ‘Run’ and ‘Error’ rated 24v 0.1A
Serial Interface:
RS-485 serial Modbus connection with slave addresses from 1 to 254 and configurable baud rates and parity. Modbus may be used for monitoring and control or to allow the
operation of up to sixteen units in a ‘Master/Slave’ configuration.
Operating Modes:
Several modes of operation are available including special modes for energy saving and hotel applications. Modes are selected by a link and bit switches.