An Air Conditioner’s filter, coil and compressor require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout it’s operational life. Neglecting maintenance will result in a steady decline in performance together with an increase in running costs.

Having your air conditioning system maintained by GT Phelan ensures that your system will continue to perform as it should.

We will

  1. Test for refrigerant leaks (a requirement under F-Gas legislation)
  2. Ensure filters are clean
  3. Check the unit for optimum heating and cooling performance
  4. Ensure the heat exchanger is cleaned
  5. Ensure the drain is not blocked
  6. Apply anti-microbial solution to the heat exchangers
  7. Clean the indoor unit facia
  8. Check electrical terminals are tightened
  9. Ensure correct running current
  10. Supply labels stating the refrigerant type and quantity
  11. Provide F-gas log-book (soft copy)
  12. Provide a maintenance report
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